Introducing Broker

Introducing Broker

We do offer an Introducing Broker (IB) program. Here is how it works:

  1. Open an account in the Client Area.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions in the Client Area – IB Room Session.
  3. Request your Unique IB Invite Link in Page: IB Referral
  4. Promote our services to your potential clients who may wish to open an account and start trading with us.
  5. Start receiving IB commissions and checking your record in Page: IB Referral

If you want to share your IB link with your clients, then please note that the URL link contains cookies. Cookies will save your IB information. When your client completes the registration form in the Client Area and opens an MT4 account, then their clients summary of IB commission will show in the IB Room.

Tickcopy’s IB Programme is a unique opportunity to earn income, without any investment from your side. Even if you invite only one client, you will get rewarded for every trade he / she places.

Our IB programme has no hidden limitations:

  1. no limits for the number of trades;
  2. no limits for the duration of trades;
  3. no limits for the volume of trades;
  4. no limits for the number of new clients you bring during a certain period
  5. no limits related to the difference between an open price and close price

We offer special marketing tools that will help you get new clients simply and efficiently. Thanks to our transparent programme, you will be able to check and monitor each client and each trade that brought you a commission.

For more information and to register, please visit our Introducing Broker page:

You can withdraw your IB commission anytime from your Client Area.

Firstly, you should transfer your IB commission from your IB Reward Account to your fiat wallet.

Secondly, you can create the withdrawal request from the fiat wallet into your wallet address, bank account, or any other available payment solution.

Whenever your client makes a trade, it will be shown automatically in your IB Room with the calculated commission. The daily IB commissions are added to your IB reward account every day and can then be immediately withdrawable.

You can add an existing client under your IB reward account upon sending an email [email protected] request to our customer services team.

About the email, please declare your (1) IB invite link, (2) client’s register email, and (3) clients’ account name.

Once our customer services team gets the confirmation with clients, they will link up the IB relationship for you within 1-3 business days.

You can get more insight for attracting customers and getting more details of the Tickcopy IB Programme by downloading our E-Book “Tickcopy Wonderful IB”.

Introducing Broker Schemes can build up to a max of 6 levels and receive USD16 per lot. If you are experiencing becoming an Introducing Broker, or you already have your own marketing network. Please contact us an email: [email protected] for requesting a higher reward commission scheme.

Introducing Broker (IB):

 Introducing Brokers (IBs) are organizations or individuals across the world who make money by introducing clients to Tickcopy. In return for referring clients to Tickcopy, our Introducing Brokers receive a commission.

No matter clients win or lose in the forex market, Introducing Brokers receive their daily commission once clients placed trading positions. Commission amount is based on clients’ trading volume*. Introducing Broker can receive max up to USD16 per lot.

*Trading volume is based on closed trades executed with currency pairs, metals.

IB Programme only suitable for account type of Standard, ECN, VIP.

More details can be viewed in:

Platform Partners:

 Platform Partner is a character who helps MAM/PAMM Master Account Holder to attract Capital. Platform Partner trust MAM/PAMM account can perform long team performance. Although he does not have any trading abilities, he wants to earn an extra profit. He can act as a team member of the MAM/PAMM system, help them to attract capital, and get a part of profit-sharing of the clients as a reward. Platform Partner scheme gives every customer a chance to take Zero-Risk profit by attracting investors to the MAM/ PAMM system.

The commission will credit to your Partner MT4 Payment Account. All payments are processed automatically once the position is closed.

*Percent of profit-sharing is confirmed by MAM/PAMM Master Account Holder.

Platform Partner Programme only suitable for account type of MAM, PAMM and Social Trading Master Account which are under Money Management Scheme.

If you would like to promote MAM/PAMM, please fill in the form in this page. Our Money Management Ambassador will contact you as soon as possible. Once our Ambassador gets the confirmation with MAM/PAMM Account Holder, they will link up the relationship for you within 1-3 business days.


Notice: One Trading Account only can receive one kind of commission rebate, either Introducing Broker or Platform Partner – Profit Sharing.

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