Want 3% DEPOSIT CASH BONUS REWARD? Then Opt-in to the Tickcopy MAM Promotion Campaign.

Tailored exclusively for Tickcopy MAM both Master and Investor accounts, all have to deposit up to $3000, and we will give you and your introducing partners an extra 10% USDT Bouns to Master Account Owner and 3% to Subscriber Account Owner respectively.

Join Tickcopy MAM Campaign, no matter Master and Investor Account, that bonus are entitled as Trading Equality into real cash that you can withdraw at any time!


  1. 1 OPEN ACC AND FUND IN – Open and Fund your Account (Make a Deposit)
  2. 2 JOIN THE MAM BONUS CAMPAIGN – Transfer money into MAM Master / Investor Acc
  3. 3 CLAIM YOUR BONUS – Go to Registration Page and fill in the Opt Inform
  4. 4 ENJOY THE REAL CASH BONUS REMAND – The Real cash will give you automatically in 3 days
The new funds must be parked in the MAM investor account for 1 year. The cash bonus given during the appointment period will be deducted probational according to the number of months being withdrawn earlier.

PROMOTION PERIOD 1st April 2022 TO 30th June 2022

If you have any enquires, please contact us here

Terms and Conditions Apply

1. Promotion period until 30th June 2022
2. Lock-up Period 12 Months Starting From Opt-in Day

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