Risk acknowledgment and disclosure

1. Risk Warning

Prospective clients should study the following risk warnings very carefully. Please note that we do not explore or explain all the risks involved when dealing with Financial Instruments. We outline the general nature of the risks of dealing in Financial Instruments on a fair and non-misleading basis.

In particular, Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) are complex financial products and not suitable for all investors. CFDs, are leveraged products that mature when you choose to close an existing open position. By investing in CFDs, you assume a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your invested capital.

Unless a client knows and fully understands the risks involved in each Financial Instrument, they should not engage in any trading activity. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Tickcopy will not provide clients with any investment advice in relation to investments, possible transactions in investments, or Financial Instruments, neither will we make any investment recommendations. Clients should consider which Financial Instrument is suitable for them according to their financial status and goals before opening an account with Tickcopy. If a client is unclear about the risks involved in trading in Financial Instruments, then they should consult an independent financial advisor. If the client still doesn’t understand these risks after consulting an independent financial advisor, then they should refrain from trading at all. Purchasing and selling Financial Instruments comes with a significant risk of losses and damages and each client must understand that the investment value can both increase and decrease, clients they are liable for all these losses and damages, which could result in more than the initial invested capital once they make the decision has been made to trade.

2. Acknowledgment

Technical Risk

  1. The Client shall be responsible for the risks of financial losses caused by the failure of information, communication, electronic and other systems. The result of any system failure may be that his order is either not executed according to his instructions or it is not executed at all. Tickcopy does not accept any liability in the case of such a failure.
  2. While trading through the Client Terminal the Client shall be responsible for the risks of financial losses caused by:
    • Client’s or hardware or software failure, malfunction or misuse;
    • poor Internet connection either on the side of the Client or Tickcopy or both, or interruptions or transmission blackouts or public electricity network failures or hacker attacks, the overload of connection;
    • the wrong settings in the Client Terminal;
    • Delayed Client Terminal updates;
    • the Client disregarding the applicable rules described in the Client Terminal user guide and in the Tickcopy’s Website.
  3. The Client acknowledges that at times of excessive deal flow the Client may have some difficulties to be connected over the telephone with a Dealer, especially in a Fast Market (for example, when key macroeconomic indicators are released).

Abnormal Market Conditions

The Client acknowledges that under Abnormal Market Conditions the period during which the Instructions and Requests are executed may be extended.


  1. The Client shall accept the risk of any financial losses caused by the fact that the Client has received with delay or has not received at all any notice from Tickcopy.
  2. The Client acknowledges that the unencrypted information transmitted by email is not protected from any unauthorized access.
  3. The Client is fully responsible for the risks in respect of undelivered trading platform internal mail messages sent to the Client by Tickcopy as they are automatically deleted within 3 (three) calendar days.
  4. The Client is wholly responsible for the privacy of the information received from Tickcopy and accepts the risk of any financial losses caused by the unauthorized access of a third party to the Client’s Trading Account.
  5. Tickcopy has no responsibility if authorized/unauthorized third persons have access to information, including electronic addresses, electronic communication, and personal data, access data when the above are transmitted between Tickcopy or any other party, using the internet or other network communication facilities, telephone, or any other electronic means.

Force Majeure Event

In the case of a Force Majeure Event, the Client shall accept the risk of financial losses.

3. Risk Warning Notice for Foreign Exchange and Derivative Products

This notice cannot disclose all the risks and other significant aspects of foreign exchange and derivative products such as futures, options, and Contracts for Differences. You should not deal with these products unless you understand their nature and the extent of your exposure to risk. You should also be satisfied that the product is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial position. Certain strategies, such as a “spread” position or a “straddle”, maybe as risky as a simple Long or Short position.
Although forex and derivative instruments can be used for the management of investment risk, some of these products are unsuitable for many investors. You should not engage in any dealings directly or indirectly in derivative products unless you know and understand the risks involved in them and that you may lose entirely all of your money. Different instruments involve different levels of exposure to risk and in deciding whether to trade in such instruments you should be aware of the following points:

Effect of Leverage

Under Margin Trading conditions even small market movements may have a great impact on the Client’s Trading Account. It is important to note that all accounts trade under the effect of Leverage. The Client must consider that if the market moves against the Client, the Client may sustain a total loss greater than the funds deposited. The Client is responsible for all the risks, financial resources the Client uses and for the chosen trading strategy.


Some of the underlying assets may not become immediately liquid as a result of reduced demand for the underlying asset and the Client may not be able to obtain the information on the value of these or the extent of the associated risks.

Contracts for Differences

The CFDs available for trading with the Company are non-deliverable spot transactions giving an opportunity to make a profit on changes in currency rates, commodity, stock market indices or share prices called the underlying instrument. If the underlying instrument movement is in the Customer’s favor, the Customer may achieve a good profit, but an equally small adverse market movement can not only quickly result in the loss of the Customers’ entire deposit but also any additional commissions and other expenses incurred. So, the Customer must not enter into CFDs unless he is willing to undertake the risks of losing entirely all the money which he has invested and also any additional commissions and other expenses incurred.

Investing in a Contract for Differences carries the same risks as investing in the future or an option and you should be aware of these as set out above. Transactions in Contracts for Differences may also have a contingent liability and you should be aware of the implications of this as set out below.

Commissions and Taxes

  • Before you begin to trade, you should make yourself aware of all commissions and other charges for which you will be liable. If any charges are not expressed in monetary terms (but, for example, as a percentage of contract value), you should ensure that you understand the true monetary value of the charges.
  • There is a risk that the Client’s trades in any Financial Instruments including derivative instruments may be or become subject to tax and/or any other duty for example because of changes in legislation or his personal circumstances. Tickcopy does not warrant that no tax and/or any other stamp duty will be payable. The Client is responsible for any taxes and/or any other duty which may accrue in respect of his trades.

Suspensions of Trading

Under certain trading conditions, it may be difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This may occur, for example, at times of rapid price movement if the price rises or falls in one trading session to such an extent that under the rules of the relevant exchange trading is suspended or restricted. Placing a Stop Loss will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended amounts, because market conditions may make it impossible to execute such an Order at the stipulated price. In addition, under certain market conditions, the execution of a Stop Loss Order may be worse than its stipulated price and the realized losses can be larger than expected.


Tickcopy’s insolvency or default may lead to positions being liquidated or closed out without your consent. In certain circumstances, you may not get back the actual assets that you lodged as collateral and you may have to accept any available payments in cash or by any other method deemed to be appropriate.

4. Third-Party Risk

This notice is provided to you in accordance with applicable legislation.

  1. Tickcopy may pass money received from the Client to a third party (e.g. a bank, a market, intermediate broker, OTC counterparty or clearinghouse) to hold or control in order to effect a Transaction through or with that person or to satisfy the Client’s obligation to provide collateral (e.g. initial margin requirement) in respect of a Transaction. Tickcopy has no responsibility for any acts or omissions of any third party to whom it will pass money received from the Client.
  2. The third party to whom Tickcopy will pass money may hold it in an omnibus account and it may not be possible to separate it from the Client’s money, or the third party’s money. In the event of the insolvency or any other analogous proceedings in relation to that third party, Tickcopy may only have an unsecured claim against the third party on behalf of the Client, and the Client will be exposed to the risk that the money received by Tickcopy from the third party is insufficient to satisfy the claims of the Client with claims in respect of the relevant account. Tickcopy does not accept any liability or responsibility for any resulting losses.
  3. Tickcopy may deposit Client money with a depository who may have a security interest, lien or right of set-off in relation to that money.
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